How does it work?

Set. Transfer. Reward.  

It's easy for you to set up personalised habits and routines, via the companion mobile app that is then displayed on the Tok Timer for your kids. 

Together you decide the number of points that are allocated to each activity, and when your child completes the activity, the points build up in the reward centre on the device. 

The possibilities are endless; brushing teeth, music practice, reading,  homework and screentime are some of our favourites.

Track your child's progress

The bluetooth connected mobile app helps you see how they're progressing with their daily habits and routines. 

We've found that working with your child at the end of each week to tally up their points and reward them for reaching their goals is a great way to encourage them with their progress.

You can also tweak the activities at any time. For example you might start a music practice habit with as little as 2 minutes to get them started and gradually add a minute each week as they build momentum.

Throw away the sticker charts!

Did your child eat all of their vegetables at dinner? Did they share a toy with one of their siblings? There is no need to keep track via paper sticker charts.  

You can add digital stars via the mobile app, which kids are then able to view and track on the Tok Timer.

Big dial for little hands

We've focussed on making the device easy and fun to use for kids.

The outer dial rotates so they can select their desired activity. When the visual timer completes, they push the front display to tell the Tok Timer they're done. 

The device is completely customisable. Kids are able to choose their own colour lights for the ring, different sounds the device makes and the avatar that best defines their growing personality.


Our easy box breathing function allows children to feel the magic of breathing By taking a few moments at the end of each day to de-stress and feel relaxed, mindfulness also gives them the beauty of being in the present moment.

The Tok Timer's Home Screen features an innovative light indicator that replicates the sun around the dial. 

This helps young kids understand the time of day and learn to equate this with the dial as they learn to tell the time. 

To help them with the transition to night time, we have also included a night light which they can customise to their favourite colour.  

And there's more

We're continuing to add even more features as time goes by! 

We recently added a box breathing feature to encourage mindfulness, and will be adding more breathing exercises to help kids find stillness in this fast paced world. 

We are currently developing some educational features so watch this space!